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About Us

Welcome to Stitches Quilt and Craft!

My name is Adrienne and I am the owner/operator of Stitches Quilt and Craft. I have been sewing since I was about 10 years old. I can remember learning how to use a sewing machine by drawing lines on a piece of paper, removing the thread out of the machine and having to "trace" all the lines. I ended up with a piece of paper with a million little holes! It was my test from my mom to make sure I could sew in the straight line and turn corners. I'm happy to report, I passed!

My senior year in high school we had to do a senior project to graduate. It's a year long project where I was required to make or learn a new skill then present it to a panel of teachers. I chose to learn how to hand quilt and made a four block log cabin all by hand. I also researched the block and created a presentation on it all. I believe that is where my love of quilting started, but I also learned I'm not a fan of handwork.

I have been wanting to own my own quilt store for many years, but the timing was always off, until now. Michele Beaugrad did a beautiful job in setting up and getting Stitches started and I am excited to see where I can take it. I know many of us do other crafts, not just quilting, so that is where we come in! I truly enjoy seeing creativity, no matter what the project is.

My most favorite thing is to pick out fabric. I took a color theory class in college and the knowledge I walked away with is invaluable. Playing with color is a great joy for me. Which probably explains why I have so many projects picked out and not so many done! 
I look forward to seeing you in Stitches and helping you in every way I can!

Adrienne Wilkie, owner of Stitches Quilt and Craft in Westport, WA

-- Adrienne Knodel
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We believe that crafting is not limited to any age or gender group- but should be enjoyed by all! We also believe that there is so much more to crafting then perhaps the stereotype has given it credit, and we want to explore all these amazing forms!
Stitches is not your average “quilt shoppe.” Our mission is to offer getaways and enjoy one's hobbies!
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